A downloadable Nightmare for Windows and Linux

Nightmares are just spicy dreams.

Post-jam Update Changelog:

  • The help panels information and their access has been improved(explains the game better).
  • The dreamers art has been improved to distinguish their multiple states(dream, nightmare ,maxed nightmare).
  • Running now replaced with dashing.
  • Bombs now have a visual que, stronger bombs.
  • Audio and visual que for changing wants.
  • Fixed the bullethell safe-spot exploit.
  • Three extra spells, Two Nightmare mode mechanics added.
  • Added linux, no clue if it works tho.

Made for the Touhou game jam 8, made under the theme "Dreams".

You are Doremy sweet, a self proclaimed "Dream Manager",  Your goal is to give people what dreams they want, failing to do so, they will start to have a nightmare which you must put out. Nightmares are is something that can happen on the job, but the frequency has been going up. Something is up.

How To Play:

The dreamers have an emotion bar that will increase, giving them their specific journal or sitting on top of the square (both works) will reduce the emotion point increase. A nightmare will occur when they reach max emotion point, bringing them into a nightmare state and 50 emotion points. fighting them will remove/add emotion points. Sitting on the nightmare square also removes emotion points. The fight is just bullethell. At max emotion on a nightmare, the nightmare will spread emotion to nearby neighbors. 

I bet I forgot a massive bug/oversight so your game might softlock or crash, notify me if it occurs so I can ignore the bug again.


  • Arrow keys to move in dream/nightmare.
  • Z to pick up journals/shoot in nightmare.
  • X to bomb in nightmare.
  • Shift to run/focus.
  • ESC to pause.


  • Four difficulties. Normal, hard, lunatic and nightmare.
  • Three phases with increasing number of dreamers.
  • Like 15 spells or something.
  • Atleast 10 characters I think.
  • Achievements and progress saving.
  • Like three lines of dialog, watch out.
  • Bad art and marginally better music 😎


  • Everything: Flaffal


The (fps fix) version should limit the game to 60 fps, this is mainly for the people out here with 144hz monitors. The original jam version I left up incase I'm in violation of jam policy or something.

PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withGodot
TagsBullet Hell, Godot, Management, Touhou

Install instructions

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Dream Manager - Nightmare Ordeal(Jam version).zip 21 MB
Dream Manager - Nightmare Ordeal(fps fix).zip 21 MB
DM - NO (Post-Jam Version).zip 21 MB
DM - NO (Post-Jam Version)(Linux).zip 22 MB

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