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For the Touhou Fan Game Jam 7

Theme chosen: "Entrusting this World to Idols ~ Idolatrize world"

Keiki's been watching to much of them idol animes and decided the best course for Gensokyo is to turn everyone into an idol. Your goal is to try and hire everyone possible. Gain funds by putting up shows and gaining popularity. Train your idols with your funds and create the ultimate idol group, watch out for rivals tho.

Version 2, post jam Changelog:

I just really wanted to leave this game in a playable state, so here's an update for that.

(Jam version save files will work with V2)

Major changes:

  • Added "research","events" and "duel" for more varied progresion
  • Added tasks, introduces goals to work towards
  • Added groups tab and an autofill function to concerts for streamlining 
  • End of day update, shows upkeep,gains,changes and small events
  • Phase 2 fully fleshed out. "enemy" idols will grow each day, a progress bar and a "duel" function
  • Added a few cutscenes, but no art so its just text

QoL/Small changes:

  • Each idol has a status now, acts as a stamina bar for each idol
  • The power for groups/songs is diplayed in the dropdown
  • Added a "?" to explain some parts of the game
  • The "+" in training can be held down
  • Group setup has a bonus
  • Random name generator for songs
  • Tips in lobby
  • Added "end day" button
  • Music less loud
  • I got three character sprites in before I gave up
  • Probaly more idk I Forgor 💀


  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Click on stuff

Install instructions

Just like click it, with your mouse, twice.


EtWt-Actual_Idols_jam_version.zip 36 MB
EtWt-Actual_Idols_V2_post_jam.zip 37 MB


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I cannot download it. It says "cannot read property build" oh I can download it through website, but I cannot install it in itch